Church Ministry


Peter Kumar

God revealed to Peter Kumar during the year 1996 that  God is very keen to work in a community through the Local Church.

Since every local church is part of the Body of Christ it is called to


Every local church is Raised Up to prepare the community to be prepared for the Return Of The Lord.

Since then Peter Kumar takes every given opportunity to minister in local churches irrespective of Denomination, Language and Culture around the world. He has visited and ministered with some pastors often just to be a support in tough times .Peter Kumar works closely with the vision of the Pastor for their congregation and helps them see beyond the present .Peter Kumar is keen to serve with  Local Churches to help them  to :

  1. Reach their Community with the vision of the Pastor
  2. Develop relevant models for Church Planting efforts in their communities
  3. Train local church believers to win Souls in their community
  4. Train local church believers to Demonstrate Signs and Miracles
  5. Train local church believers in the Market place to grow in Spiritual Gifts and Financial Multiplication in order to help fulfill the Call of the Church to reach every Strata of  society .
  6. Raise Young Entrepreneurs in every local church to help them become the Head not the Tail

Peter Kumar will be available to serve a local church over a weekend to meet with each group within the local church separately to minister and Train them towards Growth within the local church or a group of like minded churches. The training format can be tailor made according to the urgent need of the churches involved.

It would help the ministry if the local church or churches can take care of the cost of travel , accommodation and an Honorarium  for the whole  weekend.

About Peter

Peter Kumar is a respected minister of the gospel serving the people of God since 1982. He is an accomplished itinerant speaker & author. He has given his life fully to Jesus Christ and to His Kingdom’s advancement in the earth. 
He serves as an OUTREACH Pastor at the Assembly of God Church in Greenville, SC. He is the founder of Forerunners National changers International, SC, USA. He is passionate about strengthening local churches and he enables church growth through evangelism. He is adept at bringing revelation of Biblical principles that bring multiplication and fulfillment of destiny. He teaches the word with revelation to understand divine promotions in the market place.
While having served about 30 countries across 4 continents, and ministered in large nations such as the United States ,Indonesia and Australia, as well as smaller island nations such as the Cook Islands, by the grace of God, he continues to minister to an individual’s personal needs in the body of Christ. He preaches in conferences and in churches large & small, as well as ministers in smaller group sittings that allows for personal interaction. He has had the privilege of serving ethnic groups in the cities across denominations to share the love of God, bringing fresh revelation to the people and a personal word that has blessed thousands. His passion for God and His people drives him to look for every opportunity to strengthen the local churches, and enable church growth through evangelism so that the kingdom of God may grow and Jesus Christ be exulted. He recently moved to Charlotte North Carolina, USA with his wife, Geeta and continues to serve the local churches here and the home church in Greenville, SC. He was recently ordained as a minister of the gospel where he runs monthly healing meetings ( ) He has two grown up children and his wife serves with him when the opportunity provides itself.